There is only so much we can do in our little ways against everything happening worldwide: pandemics, outbreaks of war, inflation, constant poverty and hunger. In it, children are eternal victims. They are the most vulnerable members of society yet face the worst consequences of global conflict.

7xm Program

On Monday, October 31, 2022, the 7XM Team initiated their first donation drive to 50 children at their chosen orphanage in Mabalacat, Pampanga, the Duyan ni Maria. Duyan ni Maria is a child-caring institution that hopes to raise awareness and funds for the care and education of its children. The 7XM Team conducted this Gift-giving Halloween Edition with the theme, “Spreading Smiles, Sharing Love.”

15 7XM volunteers donated the necessities such as food, milk, diaper and school supplies to the children of the said orphanage. They also conducted some games that the children enjoyed so much, such as Charades, Pass the Message and longest Happy Halloween. The smile on the children’s faces just proves how happy they are, and as a thank you, they rendered a song dedicated to the 7XM volunteers.

It shows that the 7XM not just only entertains people with their best online games and jackpot prizes but also gives smiles to innocent children’s faces. Sharing is caring indeed. It is the best way to give back to society and allows others to see goodness in humanity through this simple act of generosity.

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